Übersee Tag

Every year around May 7, the club celebrates its "Übersee Tag" commemorating Emperor Barbarossa's
conferment in 1189 of the City of Hamburg's right to operate as a port.

Annual Highlight

The Evening Event

Members of the Übersee Club gather once a year for a formal banquet at the Atlantic Kempinski Hotel. Speeches are given by the president and a well-known figure from the worlds of commerce, politics, culture and learning.

Dress code:
Eveningwear is obligatory for women and men are required to wear tuxedos.

Gala Übersee Tag (every two years)

The Morning Event 

Every second year, the regular Übersee Day is extended into a gala affair. The Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg traditionally kicks off the additional morning event with welcoming remarks. These are followed by an address from a specially chosen orator. Subsequently the club's annual grants are presented to aspiring academics and scholars.