Willkommen im Übersee-Club am Neuen Jungfernstieg in Hamburg Stilvolles Ambiente von Anfang an

Established as a "forum for dialog between the worlds of commerce, politics, culture and academia", the Übersee Club has always pursued clear values and objectives.
Individuals and companies may both apply for membership in the Übersee Club. Applicants must submit signed testimonials from sponsors selected from among the club members, with one of these having already held membership for a minimum of five years.


The Übersee Club is recognised as a charitable foundation. The obligations set forth in its charter are chiefly met by the following:

• hosting talks, debates and discussions
• receiving guests from home and abroad in its historic clubrooms
• staging its Übersee Tag
• producing media and publications
• awarding grants to university graduates during its Übersee Tag


Dresscode Im Clubhaus des Übersee-Clubs gilt eine Kleiderordnung

Our members and guests demonstrate their respect to our headquarters' history by wearing appropriate apparel when on site.


We request that gentlemen don a jacket and tie when visiting the Übersee Club, while ladies are warmly welcomed in corresponding attire. These rules also apply to midday visits. For some events we ask you to dress formally ("Black Tie"). In such cases, dress codes are specified well in advance on our invitations. Our OPEN BAR and family brunches, where more casual clothing is accepted, represent the only exceptions. Please ensure you inform any guests you might be bringing about these requirements.