THE amsinck-haus


Jewel on the Inner Alster Lake

Listed since 1944 under national heritage laws, the home of the Übersee Club could hardly be more attractive. Construction of the Amsinck House began in 1831 at 19 Neuer Jungfernstieg in Hamburg. Gottlieb Jenisch, a member of a large, renowned family of nineteenth-century Hamburg merchants, commissioned the building which took two years to complete. The plans were produced and realised by a young architect from Altona named Franz-Gustav Forsmann.
The Jenisch Room of the former residential and commercial building in Hamburg's top location still testifies to its first owner.

After World War I, the villa was purchased by an insurance company which was subsequently acquired by 'Nordstern-Versicherung' (now Axa).

In 1969 Übersee Club took out a lease on the building. Thanks to generous donations from club members, the Amsinck House with its expansive main hall and historic rooms was completely renovated.

The interior of the Amsinck House is impressive to behold. The large ceremonial hall with its opulent ornamentation and carved door finials still features many elements from the original period.

Two Alster Rooms with views of the Inner Alster – the Red Salon and the Empire-style Jenisch Room – are still used today as a refined setting for the restaurant.