The Übersee Club has become synonymous with cosmopolitanism, diversity and an international outlook. As a discussion forum spanning the worlds of commerce, politics, culture and science, it dedicates itself to the great questions of today and tomorrow. Since its doors opened in 1922, its guest speakers have always been the intellectual pioneers of their time. We have compiled a small selection of the highlights below. Our database of lectures presents a full list of the talks including numerous transcripts.


Database Speeches

speakers -  a selection

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

Pope Benedict XVI (2005 - 2013)

3 February 1998: "Faith in the Context of Reason and Emotion"

Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Secretary General of the United Nations, New York

18 October 1996: "The United Nations: The Embodiment of International Cooperation Now and in the Future"

Valery Giscard d´Estaing

President of France (1974-1981) and President of the European Convention to establish a Constitution for Europe (2002-2003)

20 February 2008:"The Germans and French in the EU - Quo Vadis Europe"

Yasser Arafat

Chairman of the Palestinian National Authority

25 November 1995:
"For Peace in the Middle East"

Thomas Enders

President and CEO of Airbus SAS

24 Nov. 2010: "European Aerospace – Challenges facing a Booming Industry "

Dieter Zetsche

CEO at Daimler AG and

Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars

8 May 2008: "The Second Century of Automobiles"

Joe Kaeser

CEO at Siemens AG

18 Oct 2016: "Management in the digital era: a new dawn"

Wolfgang Schäuble

German Minister of Finance

6 May 2013: "Building Trust. For a Stronger Europe – For More Stability on the Financial Markets"

Christian Sewing

CEO at Deutsche Bank AG

7 May 2019: „A major bank’s role in the German economy"

Andreas Voßkuhle

President of Germany's Federal Constitutional Court

21 February 2013: "Quo Vadis Europe"

Werner Baumann

CEO at Bayer AG

5 May 2017 – Lecture at Übersee-Tag

Ursula von der Leyen

Federal Minister of Defence (2013 - 2019) President of the European Commission (since December 2019)

23 May 2019: „Current challenges in security policy“


Database Speeches

Chancellors & Presidents of the Federal Republic of Germany

We consider it a great honour that every chancellor since the establishment of the Federal Republic of Germany has taken the time to expound their views to us.

And with the exception of Johannes Rau and Theodor Heuss, all modern-day Germany's presidents have also presented their ideas.

Angela Merkel

21 February 2001

Gerhard Schröder

18 October 1995

Helmut Kohl

7  May 1991

Helmut Schmidt

16 March 1995

Willy Brandt

7 May 1969

Kurt G. Kiesinger

8 May 1967

Ludwig Erhard

7 May 1964

Konrad Adenauer

7  May 1954

Joachim Gauck

15 February 2011

Christian Wulff

7  March 2006

Horst Köhler

7  May 2009

Roman Herzog

7 May 1997


von Weizsäcker

7  May 1986

Karl Carstens

7  May 1982

Walter Scheel

7 May 1971

Gustav Heinemann

5 May 1972

Heinrich Lübke

7  May 1965


The following selection once again illustrates the wide range of topics covered. Presidents of state, outstanding academics, representatives

of the arts, judiciary and military – they and many others have numbered among our orators.

John Maynard Keynes

British economist and journalist Financial repre-sentative at the Treasury to the 1919 Versailles peace conference

25 August 1922

Oswald Spengler

Philosopher and cultural historian

28 April 1924

Gustav Stresemann

Foreign Minister

of Germany
16 April 1925


Carl Friedrich Goerdeler

Mayor of Leipzig, economist,
civil servant, and opponent of the Nazi regime
13 January 1933


Werner Heisenberg

Physicist and Nobel laureate
2 October 1953



Walter Hallstein

President of the Commission of the European Economic Community
18 July 1958

Charles de Gaulle

General, President of the French Republic
7 September 1962


Marion Gräfin Dönhoff

22 January 1975


Hans Dietrich Genscher

Foreign Minister

of Germany
7 May 1976



Edward Heath

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1970-1974)
17 May 1977

Ralf Dahrendorf

Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science
11 October 1979



Anker Jørgensen

Prime Minister of Denmark
7 May 1980


Giovanni Spadolini

President of the council of Ministers of the

Italian Republic
7 May 1982

François Mitterand

President of the French Republic
14 May 1982




Siegfried Lenz

6 December 1995


Emil Constantinescu

President of Romania
17 December 1997

Martti Ahtisaari

President of

Finland, Nobel Peace Prize 2008

25 Sept 1998


Martin Walser

Author, winner of the 1998 Peace Prize of the German Book Trade
11 February 1999



Flavio Cotti

President of the Swiss Confederation (1991/1998)
14 February 2006


Tarja Halonen

President of Finland
8 May 2008


Vike Freiberga

President of

Latvia (1999-2007)

26 November 2008


Václav Klaus

President of the Czech Republic
7 June 2011


Sigmar Gabriel

German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy
19 October 2015



Elizabrth Blackburn

Nobelprice winner Medicine

16 Oct 2016


Chancellors & Presidents of the Federal Republic of Germany

It is a happy tradition that almost all of Hamburg's mayors have honoured the Club with important speeches.


Olaf Scholz delivered his on 30 January 2013. "Growth, Prosperity and Progress for the City" – Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz centred his first major address to the Übersee Club on this optimistic triad. Speaking to over 900 guests, he began with the words "Hamburg's best years still lie ahead". Fuelled by a healthy dose of local patriotism, the SPD party politician dazzled the audience with his vision for the future of "the economically strongest federal state in Germany".

Max Brauer

3 Feb. 1950



 14 March 1963

Herbert Weichmann

27  Oct. 1966

Peter Schulz

26 Oct. 1972

Hans-Ulrich Klose

16 Oct. 1975

Klaus v. Dohnanyi

11 Febr.1988

Henning Voscherau

7 May 1997

Ortwin Runde

5 Sept. 2000

Ole von Beust

22  Sep. 2003

Ole von Beust

22  Sep. 2003

Ole von Beust

22  Sep. 2003